“40 Series”

The first list(with many to come) of 40 items from a given category that have gotten me “OVER THE HILL”

So I’ve had a week to digest it. 7 days to deep dive and wrap my brain around the reality of it. 168 hours to get used to the fact there’s no going back. It happened: I, Kip Tupuola Lei Lua Ioane, officially have walked the earth for 4 decades. I’m 40 years old.

Being who I am, I thought long and hard about the best way to share this experience. Tried a few, including a #mobilefunbus evening with the wife where we showed up at friends’ houses (who couldn’t get babysitters) with adult beverages and had a round or two with each before moving on to the next stop as well as a day trip with the whole fam to #topgolf. Am headed to Vegas in early July with my brother and close friends for 48 hours of #NBASummerLeague and blackjack. All cool. Grateful for each. But, if I’m being honest, something kept digging at me to commemorate this some other way. Combine that with having a podcast AND this #Medium account, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that there was another way to “celebrate.”

In the end, I landed on a mashup of my two creative expression platforms: a brand new “40 Series” that I can create and share via both. Fits because you all now know I’m 40 years young. You all know I’m a college hoops head coach. You all know I like stuff to flow together in a “plan” that can be physically and or virtually indexed by my brain as “organized and detailed.” And finally, some of you may even know, my first year as the head guy here at #WillametteUniversity, our entire offensive attack was called “40 series” and I’d call out such ingenious and obviously un-scoutable gems as “41” (which was for our 1/pg) or “42” (which was for our 2/shooter). Yeah, it still baffles me as well we started that year 0–7 in conference play.

But, I digress. This #40Series will both be written pieces here on my #Medium account and AIR as a solo podcast segment group from me, via my brother and my podcast #CrossTheStreams. What I hope to do is share lists of 40 things in any given category that played a roll in me being who I am today. But, in a blatant cross marketing attempt, I will only write an intro to the category and do a bullet type listing on #Medium. The explanations of WHY, HOW etc of each item on a list you’ll have to LISTEN to via the podcast on #soundcloud or the #iTunes podcast app.

Finally, I hope to do these with enough skill and forethought that this isn’t a vanity project all about the self created importance of me…but more so an enjoyable ride down memory lane that hopefully brings you both along for the ride, and noticing points in your path that crossed mine!

So, without further adieu, here is the first list (link to the podcast version at the end) of the life of Kip:

#40Series: My Favorite Team’s Games (listed here in chronological order)

#40 Michigan State vs Indiana State-NCAA Title Game 1979

#39 Cowboys vs Rams-NFC Divisional Rd 1985

#38 Notre Dame vs Miami-NCAAF Regular Season Finale 1985

#37–30 Magic’s Lakers vs Larry’s Celtics-NBA Finals 1984, 1985, 1987 (Obviously there were more than 7 games across 3 matchups…but for 5–8 year old, they all blend into one constant clash so I called it 7 games)

#29 Dodgers vs Athletics-World Series Game 1 1988

#28 Notre Dame vs West Virginia-Fiesta Bowl 1989

#27 Georgetown vs Princeton-NCAA Tourney First Round 1989

#26 Cowboys vs Eagles 1990

#25 Lakers vs Blazers-Game 6 WCF 1991

#24 Lakers vs Bulls-Game 5 NBA Finals 1991

#23 Cowboys Playoff Run-(Beat Eagles/49ers/Bills for 3rdSuper Bowl) 1992

#22 Lakers vs Trail Blazers-Game 4 West Rd 1 1992

#21 Notre Dame-Final 2 Weeks of the Regular Season 1993 (vs Florida St. & BC)

#20 Lakers vs Suns-Game 5 West Rd 1 1993

#19 Cowboys vs 49ers-NFC Championship Game 1994

#18 Georgetown vs UMASS-Elite Eight 1996

#17 Lakers vs Jazz-Game 4 WCF 1998

#16 Oregon vs Michigan State-NCAAF Season Opener 1998

#15 Sixers vs Magic-Game 1 East Rd 1 1999

#14 Sixers vs Pacers-Game 6 East Semifinals 2000

#13 Lakers vs Jazz-Game 7 WCF 2000

#12 Sixers Game 7s-East Semis and ECF-2001

#11 Sixers vs Lakers-Game 1 NBA Finals 2001

#10 Sixers vs Pistons-Game 6 East Semifinals 2003

#9 Cowboys vs Giants-MNF 2003

#8 Cowboys vs Redskins-Regular Season 2006

#7 Cowboys vs Seahawks-NFC Wildcard Game 2006

#6 Nuggets vs Spurs-Game 4 West Rd 1 2007

#5 Cowboys vs Packers-NFC Divisional Round 2016

#4 Cavs vs Warriors-Game 7 NBA Finals 2016

#3 Oregon vs Kansas-Midwest Elite Eight 2017

#2 Dodgers vs Astros-Game 5 World Series 2017

#1 Blazers vs Thunder-Game 5 West Rd 1 2019

Listen to me explain the rationale behind the list here:



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